Just explore little bit about Precise and Imprecise BOM structure and what will be best for today’s Indian industry ?


BOM is the name given for Bill Of Materials, which will be very common name across any Mechanical/Aerospace/Automobile /Construction  industries,

Its defines list of items and their quantity used for manufacturing/Building any product.

Sample BOM screenshot : There are different types of BOM like , EBOM ( Engineering Bill of Materials ) , MBOM ( Manufacture Bill of Materials ), SBOM ( Service Bill of Materials ) and so on.

BOM Teamcenter point of view :

BOM in Teamcenter refers most of the time to EBOM which is Engineering Bill of materials, where the designer will create list of items required for assembly and defines the quantity of it. Most of the companies has enabled automatic BOM option, which means whenever an assembly saved in UG/related CAD application, the BOM is created according to the assembly and attached to the item revision.

BOM is viewed with a Teamcenter module called PSE or also called as Structure Manager in Teamcenter 8 onwards.

There are 2 main difference in BOM structure,

1. Precise BOM

2. Imprecise BOM

What is precise BOM ?

Precise BOM is a type of BOM where item revision are linked together which forms a static structure, which will not get updated based on any criteria or also called revision rules….. ( Here i have to tell about revision rule )

(Revision Rules : Those are rules defined for loading the BOM in desired format based on the rule guidelines set by yourself.

Eg : If i want to see only latest released item revision in the BOM structure u need to set a revision rule and load based on it., )

What is Imprecise BOM ?

Imprecise BOM is a type of BOM where item are linked together which form a dynamic structure and can be loaded based on the revision rule.

How do i know am i using Precise/Imprecise BOM ?

Just add a column called precise , if the assembly is precise you will get ‘y’ in the column

Which BOM is most useful and why ?

It all depends on client and situation:

For eg : ( Just guess which BOM structure can be used )

1. In case of released item where do you want to freeze the changes in BOM structure.

2. While the assembly undergoes modification continuously and not yet released.

3. The Assembly is need to be reviewed for latest working and released

4. Need to know only released item in the BOM structure.

So it all depends on situations, You can also easily toggle between Precise/Imprecise BOM from Edit menu in Teamcenter.

Thanks for your patience in reading.

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